Kudu Systems High Speed Wireless Internet.

Speeds starting at 3MB and can go up from there.

No hidden fees, no taxes, just low cost internet, starting at $24 a month.

We don't offer contracts, we won't ask you for your social security number.

We don't need credit checks.

Out plans are for unlimited data at the subscribed speeds. NO DATA CAPS!

Residential plans
3/1 - 3MB download and 1MB upload at $24/mo
6/2 - 6MB download and 2MB upload at $39/mo

Plus a one time $100 install fee.

All speeds are up to the subscribed speeds. Many factors will determin your actual speed at any given moment.

Our network is based on best effort design. We try to keep it up as much as possible however we do not offer SLAs at this time.

Business services on a custom base.